The Future of Budeshi

By Seember Nyager In preparation for visits to project sites where primary health care contracts are being executed, our procurement monitors having been adding contracting datasets to our locally built platform, Budeshi. Although we have been mobilizing and supporting procurement monitors to observe and report on the public procurement process for several years, the obstacles… Read more

A case of access to information in Uganda from Africa Freedom of Information Centre

By Sarah Faguet The right of access to information is tightly linked to other fundamental rights such as access to education, health or food. It is also necessary for realising an open, transparent and accountable governance. Without information, citizens are unable to identify causes of poor public service delivery, monitor the effectiveness of their rights… Read more

When Everyone Sees Everything

By Seember Nyager Usain Bolt needs no introduction. His reputation as the fastest man in the world is grounded and largely undisputed because we are all witnesses of the races he competes in. Competing for government contracts is a bit more complex. The current rules for awarding government contracts generally suggest that maintaining competitive advantage… Read more